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YM launched MVE401 master
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1, the use of the Gigabit Ethernet technology transfer data, in line with IEEE802.3 Ethernet specification;
2, perfectly compatible with DMX512 (1990) international standard protocol;
System redundancy, controller 2 output ports as a positive signal, B port for the reverse signal, can form a loop;
4, with a carrying capacity of more than 2 million pixels;
Each controller can control 16 RCV401 32 SVE4x512;
6, MVE401 with MVE401 via Gigabit router switch cable directly cascade;
7, 254 maximum cascade data;
8, the controller EMC meets EN55022, EN55024 standard, the working environment temperature -20 ° C-70 ° C;
9, the controller hardware and software system MTBF> 2000 hours;
10, control distance of up to 2,000 meters, plus driver can be arbitrarily extended control distance;
11, the project configuration flexibility: the wiring structure may change the self-editing, import CAD diagram; software design personalized: the flexibility to configure the lighting engineering systems, can be used in several ways to generate light data, update data fast and flexible construction; EMC electromagnetic compatibility with good anti-jamming capability.
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