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YM VISION control system for light - Harbin ice and snow world challenge the limit of low temperatu
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Harbin ice and snow world

Yu Mingxin micro signal YUMINGLED

Harbin ice and snow world ice and snow tourist and cultural event is unique, the scenic area covers an area of 750000 square meters, is a set of ice and snow, ice and snow, animation performing acrobatics on ice, the ice sculpture exhibition project as a whole, the large science and technology, art and culture of the perfect fusion of snow park. When the night falls, the lights bright snow big world, magnificent, beautiful.

The lighting part of the project, highlight the theme of ice and snow scenery features, so the requirement of control system must also be resistant to 40 degrees below zero cold, Yu Ming Xin this little show.

In December 22nd the view, the theme of "snow Shengjing ice day grand view", picturesque, Yu Ming Xin control system is the beauty of the brush

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